Union United Church

Montreal, Quebec

Union United Church - Celebrating 112 Years
Union United Church - Celebrating 112 Years
Union United Church - Celebrating 112 Years
Union United Church - Celebrating 112 Years



Welcome to Union United Church in Montreal

Union United Church is a congregation with open hearts and hands in the heart of downtown Montreal.
Please join us for Worship Service on Sundays at 11:00 a.m., and stay after the service for light refreshments and fellowship.

Christmas Celebration Concert will take place during our service Sunday, December 16th. All are welcome!

Join us at our Christmas Eve Service which will take place December 24th from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.


All are welcome! Come and bring your family and friends. Your presence will be a blessing to us and you will receive many blessings in return.

Our Minister, Dr. Reverend Robert (Bob) Thompson, welcomes all to join us in worship.

Should you require pastoral care, please
contact the church office at 514.932.8731 or by


Upcoming Events

HopeWorks Connection Inc. in Toronto is proud to announce their newest partnership with Union United Church Pilot Project for their MC3 - for kids and teens ages 7 to 18.

For information please contact Wendy Sparks at wendysparks.hwc@gmail.com or by phone at 438-402-8250.

For more on HopeWorks go to http://hopeworksconnection.ca



Union United Church launched a comprehensive Capital Campaign called "Let Us Rise Up And Build". The scope of "Let Us Rise Up And Build" is unlike any other campaign in our 112-year old history. Not since Union's founding in 1907 has so much been at stake for the institution, the congregation we serve, and the community of Montrealers for whom we provide services.


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Serving the Community

Union is open to helping anyone who is in need regardless of origin. If this is not possible directly through one of our programs, referrals will be made to partner organizations that are capable of doing so.


Our History and Spiritual Heritage

Our rich history and spiritual heritage was developed and tested over 112 years and we continue to serve a diverse congregation with roots from over 50 countries.